Renier de Jager, owner of Moonstone Recording Studio, was exposed to music from a very early age. At the age of 10, his grandfather gave him his first guitar, which he started playing at 13 and hasn’t stopped since. Renier played in various school bands. He started playing serious gigs with a band called Dark Moon, a black metal band. Later on he played for a band called “She”, an acoustic rock band. He also recorded and mixed their demo.

Renier’s music training was done at The Contemporary Music Arts and Drama College in 1997. One of the subjects was sound engineering. This inspired him to start doing recordings in his bedroom in 1999. The start of his first recording studio

In 2000 he did an in house course with One Voice studios on Pro Tools. In July of 2003 the studio was moved to Centurion.
Recent demo recordings originating from Moonstone Recording Studio were for bands such as “3AM”, “Black Water Park”, “Unknown?” as well as a few solo artists. He produced projects for solo artists and has done back tracks. He has done some session work as a guitarist. Moonstone Studio and more specifically Renier and his band, produced tracks for Vinette Rautenbach, one of South Africa’s most promising new artists. The group entered “Aardklop” Crescendo competition and reached the semi-finals.

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